Just as last season, though only three designers are supposed to show their collections at Olympus Fashion Week, all of the top 4 designers will be given this great chance. Of course, only top3 designers’ collections will be shown in the season finale. The main reason is that the TV show schedule is behind the event, so they have to keep the 4th designer. This is also part of the reason I felt so bad Nick was cut this week since I knew they would do the same thing this season:(. I thought at least he would be in top 4 and would have the chance to show his line which is more important for a designer.

Anyway, today is the day of the runway show. And here are their collections:

Personally, I like Kara’s and Chloe’s. It’s hard to tell who is the 4th one. But, it doesn’t really matter to me now who wins. My favorite has gone *_*.

Update on Mar02,2006: The links were updated. And, I love Kara’s collection even though she is the decoy:(