New York Fashion Week! As always, all the top 4 designers from Project Runway 3 showed their collections one of which is the decoy for the sake of TV schedule. I was very much looking forward to their collections since I knew all the top 4 designers have their own points of view, and they are very different from each other. But kind of to my surprise, they all seemed to tune themselves down a little bit too much, thus didn’t really show enough of their “signatures” which I believe they all have. Of course these designers are very talented, and their collections are still good. Some pieces are actually quite interesting. But as collections, I think they all lack some consistencies. Maybe it’s just my taste and I may change my mind anytime especially after I see them in motion. In all, the collections are very good, but just not as refreshing as I expected.

It’s still very difficult to tell who the decoy is. But I don’t think it matters. In season two, the collection I loved the most was from the decoy Kara Janx-_-.

Here are the photos of the collections:

If the links above don’t work, you can also go to Getty Images, and search for “Project Runway Spring 2007” + “names of the designers”.

update: Season one winner Jay McCarroll also showed his Spring 2007 collection (photos) in the Fashion Week. About his collection, all I can say is: How can you not love Jay? His garments are still very refreshing, yet wearable. You can see his signature “circles”, but this time there are squares too and they look amazing. And the colors! I love colors, hehe. Besides womenswear, there are also menswear in the collection. Jay mentioned in his show “Project Jay” that his line won’t be too expensive. Were I have chance, I must buy one of his clothes!

update: There’s no decoy this season. The final winner is Jeffery, though I think Uli deserves to win.