I was depressed yesterday, most of the day. Then I thought it passed. Yet it began again this noon. There’s nothing serious, just some general frustration, argument, and disappointment to myself. I always become upset periodically anyway. This time, I found the words like “tmd” are really helpful in terms of relieving stress. Oh, this reminds me that I have bubble wrap!

Anyway, after a colloquium about “Fundamental Physics Through Astrophysics” by a professor from Harvard, I somewhat felt better. His talk was kind of entertaining, although not easy to follow. My feeling better might have something to do with the fact he talked about the confusion, frustration and desperation some physicists are facing though my depression is not necessarily from physics. Or, I’m feeling better simply because the talk occupied my mind for an hour, and the depression signal in the brain just faded away.

We all will be fine. So, whatever.