yukii的blog提到一个性情测试,我以前做过,类型是INTP: The Thinkers,据说INTP是16中性情中相对稀有的一类,有地方说占1%,我做测试的地方显示是3%。INTP指Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving。嘿嘿,就说我其实是内向,有些排斥交际的,可怜感兴趣的工作似乎又强盗交际能力,真是矛盾。我当时测试的链接,这是一个比较短的版本,一开始的mbti type选don’t know就行了。

INTPs generally have the following traits:
* Love theory and abstract ideas
* Truth Seekers – they want to understand things by analyzing underlying principles and structures
* Value knowledge and competence above all else
* Have very high standards for performance, which they apply to themselves
* Independent and original, possibly eccentric
* Work best alone, and value autonomy
* Have no desire to lead or follow
* Dislike mundane detail
* Not particularly interested in the practical application of their work
* Creative and insightful
* Future-oriented
* Usually brilliant and ingenius
* Trust their own insights and opinions above others
* Live primarily inside their own minds, and may appear to be detached and uninvolved with other people

有些是在其他测试里没见过我觉得还挺准的,比如Have no desire to lead or follow,Future-oriented,当然Usually brilliant and ingenius这句说的很舒心^_^

Possible Career Paths for the INTP:
* Scientists – especially Physics, Chemistry
* Photographers
* Strategic Planners
* Mathematicians
* University Professors
* Computer Programmers, Systems Analysts, Computer Animation and Computer Specialists
* Technical Writers
* Engineers
* Lawyers / Attorneys
* Judges
* Forensic Research
* Forestry and Park Rangers

这个就无语了。。。放眼望去几乎都是科学技术相关,需要长时间学习的。我就努力做Strategic Planners吧,哈。