I know, I know, among all the rebooters, there’s no doubt that my site is sitting at the bottom quietly. That’s why I call the theme Vulgar. But this is my first personal wordpress theme since I began to use wordpress this February, and it is the first time I tried to make a theme from scratch, sort of. So the result is kind of OK for me. I guess it’s not a very very very bad start. The design was inspired by one of my T shirts. I think I will continue using my T shirts as my inspirations in the future@_@.

Of course, there is something I haven’t finished. Basically, everything concerning photos wasn’t finished. I’m trying to use this plugin to show some random photos from my photo gallery powered by ZenPhoto. Somehow, the plugin interfered with the database and some loops would not work any more. Also, the photo page hasn’t been customized yet. Anyway, I’m OK with that though a little bit disappointed.

I think I should use this chance to thank some people. I’m just a starter, and I’m not that creative. Without the tutorials/themes from these people, this site would be much worse. To my credit, I didn’t just stop there. I tried to go a little bit further. @_@v

OK, I think that’s it. It was fun.