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下午回来就基本上一直在折腾这个blog。先是看了看movable type和css的东西,不过我这个人在电脑方面向来是不求甚解,只要能看懂别人写好共享的东西,然后进行改装再创造就满足了,嘿嘿。但是改造是效率很低的,有时候一些小问题气死也找不出来-_-,毕竟不是自己写的。看来以后还是鼓励自己从头写算了。提到css,就得大赞firefox了,或者说大赞firefox的一个插件:web developer. 这个插件可以对页面的css文件进行live editing,随时编辑随时出效果,非常方便。当然这样不会真的改变页面的css,但是修改好后,copy paste一下就搞定了。对于css我到今天才真正体会到它的方便,惭愧啊。

还自己做了banner以及配套的side bar的背景,嘿嘿,好像还不错吧。我一直很头疼配色,慢慢来吧。至于horizontal scrolling,查了一下,似乎blog下(css下)实现有些难度,而且效果不是很好。看到一个web designer今年初时在blog上大赞横版页面,哈,我03年10月就开始用横版主页了。现在的那版难看到爆炸,有空要赶紧换掉。。。


Begin to investigate Movable Type

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I’ve maintained my personal website for more than 4 years. At first, I was kind of into the web design stuff. At least I learnt some HTML, and tried to learn something like flash or so. But then I just wrote something once in a while (most of time, I wrote only when I was in a bad mood or unbelievably boring-_-), recorded the movies I saw and the music I listened to every month. I totally stopped to learn anything about the webdesign though I kept to change the design every term or every year, barely… When blog appered, I thought it was interesting and convenient, but I didn’t have plan to jump into it…until I came to America. I found I was becoming incredibly lazy day by day. Even opening Dreamweaver is too much for me:(. In contrast, blog is much easier to manage and more friendly to comments to each entry. I’ve tried to write down some of my “underground” thoughts. It’s not bad, though there are only 4 entries or so…

I don’t know why I was writing those nonsense, but in all, I will try to be a blogger. I hate the word “blogger” because it has been toooooooo popular. In fact, my site was just like a blog. I even tried to add the achive and search functions…..and failed. Whatever, I began to use blog. The plan is:

1.Figure out how to change the template. I’ve changed it, but what I used is something that was written by someone else.
2.Try to make the page horizontally scroll. I like the horizontal scrolling idea in the last version of my site:)
3.Try to write something every day…I don’t know whether it will work if I still write my everyday story so incompletely, which makes the writting not enjoyable at all.

Oh, I’ve written too much. It’s very typical. In the beginning, I am very enthusiastic, and then I am dumb again. I’d better go to bed now. I will discuss with my advisor about the experiment scheme today…

I don’t know why I preferred English tonight. Maybe I’m insane.